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Pet Psychic
Poetry by Jonathan K. Rice

Pup and Circumstance
By Nan Graham
Thanks to Monty’s Home, an innovative program has become a real game-changer for man and dog

Life Made Whole
By Jason Frye
Dogs complete us. Six stories of rescued love are proof

My Walk with Hilda
By Gwenyfar Rohler
Yes, my dog can spell. She sees s-o-f-t-i-e written all over me

The Art of Dog
An intimate glimpse into the mind — and studio — of local painter Clair Hartmann

Story of a House
By Ashley Wahl
Sparky is top dog at Camellia Cottage. Ask Henry MacMillan

Pure Garden Enchantment
By Barbara J. Sullivan
Hank and Debbie Phillips’ Landfall garden is a living storybook

July Almanac
By Noah Salt
Dragonflies and the “Dog Days” of summer

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