**BLOG CONTEST** Three Reasons to ❤️ Going to the Dentist

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Some people look forward to going to the dentist. No, seriously. They actually want to go. And, after reading this, you might too. 

The Renaissance Way

Okay, so we don’t mean just any dentist. We’re specifically referring to the kind that offers local teas (without sugar or honey, of course), kid-friendly iPads in the waiting area, heated massage chairs in each procedure room, and fixes cavities with a laser…yes, a shot-free, drill-free laser. At this point, you’re likely conjuring thoughts of an exclusive boutique dentist that’s not even in the vicinity of what you can afford. But, this is not the case at Renaissance Dental Studio.

Renaissance, a new-to-Wilmington practice owned and operated by Dr. Sarah Pless, offers rates on par with other Wilmington dentists. Dr. Pless believes that going to the dentist shouldn’t be a dreadful experience. So, she offers every amenity that stands to make your visit more comfortable, even enjoyable.

We’re partnering with Dr. Pless and the staff at Renaissance Dental Studio to find the answer to this important question: What are your three favorite amenities?

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1 – Solea Laser Dentistry

Renaissance is the only dental practice in southeastern North Carolina to offer this service. No needles. No numbing. And, you don’t have to return to work with drool running out of the side of your mouth. 45 minutes of laser treatments and you’re on your way. Yeah, it’s our favorite too.

2 – Heated Massage Chairs

Pure, self-explanatory pleasure that we need not justify.

3 – Television with Apple TV capabilities in every room

(Plus, iPads for kids in the waiting room with built-in parental controls.)

While being warmed and massaged, you can also catch your favorite show on Netflix to achieve ultimate distraction (You can even connect to your own account!). Headphones and a remote control are available for your viewing pleasure.

4 – In-house Crown 3D Printer

Who has time for all the dental appointments? Avoid the three week wait after being fitted for a crown. Renaissance makes crowns in-house allowing same-day service.

5 – Invisalign Provider with an Innovative Touch

Dr. Pless uses techniques that set her practice apart and allow her to get superior Invisalign results.

6 – Prepaid Packages

Ask Renaissance about prepaid packages. Packages are competitive with offerings from most insurance carriers, and guarantee coverage for a full year. Cleanings, flouride treatments, and x-rays are covered for as little as $350 per year.

7 – Tama Tea Bar

Love Tama Tea as much as we do? So does Dr. Pless. So, naturally, she added it to her list of office amenities!

8 – Designer Heaven (And, That Wallpaper!)

Anna Rankin, designer at Beauregard Design Firm in Charleston, SC, (also Dr. Pless’s cousin!) quickly turned Renaissance into a designer’s showpiece. The studio’s fabulous interiors are reason enough to choose Dr. Pless’s chair over others.

Side Note: Mick Jagger apparently liked Dr. Pless’s office wallpaper as much as she does. The same wallpaper was the background during an early Rolling Stones photo shoot.

9 – Free In-office Nanny Services

Nanny services work wonders on parental anxiety, especially when related to scheduling and keeping appointments.

Hard to choose, right?! Trust us, we know. Take a minute, then leave your three favorite amenities in the comment section.


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