March Almanac

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. –Charles Dickens, Great Expectations Worms on the March [...]


The Girl From Ikebana Simple elegance is harder to achieve than it seems, but the Wilmington chapter of Ikebana International is game to try. A showcase of 50 arrangements at the Arboretum should [...]

The Real People of History

Their ordinary lives may never show up in a textbook, but they built this country, one day at a time By Bill Thompson Sometimes we think history is just something we read about in books. All of [...]

Surprise! Surprise!

Forget the turnips, Pisces, because life’s about to turn around By Astrid Stellanova Time for March Madness and Gladness, Star Children! St. Paddy’s Day on the 17th, and then we give Ole Man [...]


Driving to work, I spotted the red-tailed hawk perched on the stop sign at the corner of Courtland & Adams. Surveying the suburban yards for his next meal, he looked in my direction, then [...]

Can’t Fade

Wilmington’s industrial might is slowly washing out, but its legacy lives on at the Block Shirt Factory By Isabel Zermani Watching my city change isn’t easy. Mainly, I no longer can give accurate [...]

The State of Metalsmiths

Wilmington is home to some of North Carolina’s most acclaimed metal crafts people — a tradition that now spans the state         By Emily Colin North Carolina is known for its deep-rooted “maker” [...]

Sunday Man

’twixt Heaven and Earth By Jim Dodson It’s Sunday morning in the kitchen, two hours before the sunrise. A welcome silence fills the house, and at this hour I often hear a still, small voice that [...]


Something to sink your teeth into By Clyde Edgerton I went to a new dentist last week. The old one recently retired. I sat in the waiting room reading a magazine until called into the room with [...]

Mind Your Own Biscuits

At Cast Iron Kitchen, you’ll find the Holy Trinity of great biscuits and good sausage gravy By Jason Frye There are three little words every Southern man longs to hear: Biscuits and Gravy. Of [...]

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