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Some women are born fashion-conscious; love to shop; and, have style in their genes. Others just want to look decent; avoid shopping at all costs; and, wish they could hire someone to fill their closet with the world’s most comfortable cotton clothing that could be worn anywhere. Then, of course, there are all those who are somewhere in between.

Enter Mododoc and Cool Sweats

Miraculously, a company out of California, Mododoc, stepped in several years ago to please everyone, all under one roof. And, lucky for us, Cool Sweats (a West Coast lifestyle boutique) – that shop that many of us are crazy about, and some of us have always wondered about – brought Mododoc’s concept to Wilmington (and, Pinehurst, as well).

Mododoc’s requirements for the lines they create are:  A – Each piece must fit into a specific seasonally-selected color scheme. And, B – All clothing must “reflect everyday elegance” while providing optimal comfort. And, Cool Sweats adheres to the same principles. They carry “casual yet polished pieces” and operate on the premise that clothing that’s stylish and elegant should also be comfortable.

Here are three things newcomers should keep in mind when heading to Cool Sweats.

1 – Know your Colors!

Every season, Cool Sweats mixes things up. They choose their seasonal color palette from Mododoc’s catalogue, then they ensure that all pieces from every vendor that they purchase from falls within that color scheme. So, it’s good to know the shades and colors that suit you to ensure smart buys. Many of us can relate to that scenario where you buy the shirt that’s totally not your color, because you think the style is perfect with those pants, or, because it’s just so comfortable…then, you never wear it. At Cool Sweats, its unlikely you’ll have this problem. Just be sure to know your colors so you can gravitate toward them.

Cool Sweats’ spring 2018 color palette.

2 – Think versatility and longevity.

Possibly the greatest thing about Cool Sweats is that much of what they carry can be worn to work, while playing with the kids, or running errands; and, out to a restaurant, to an event with friends, or even to a dinner party. When looking through accessories, try to visualize how particular items might turn that uber-comfortable knock around shirt into one fit for dinner at your favorite  5-star restaurant.

It’s also important to remember that most pieces that you buy at Cool Sweats will become ‘forever’ items. You’re investing in a style all your own accentuated by priceless comfort. So, be prepared to take your time. Shopping at Cool Sweats is meant to be an experience.

3 – Remember: personal style consultants and comfy chairs.

Both the fashion-concious, and the not-so-fashion conscious can benefit from a little one-on-one with Cool Sweats’ style consultants. This is not your average shopping experience. The incredibly comfortable and stylish part is enough throw you off. The unique color palette and extreme versatility is a whole other thing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can get the most out of your purchases. And, if you’re thinking of stopping by with your other half, they have cozy chairs and a seating area, just in case a little persuasion is in order.


Cool Sweats is located at 1051 Military Cutoff Rd in Wilmington.

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