Forever Gifts

December 13, 2017

Give the gift they won’t soon forget. 

Sponsored by Nest Fine Gifts & Interiors.

Christmas is a wonderful, exciting, and…let’s face it, often anxiety-ridden time for all of us. Most of us have dozens of people to buy for, cards to create and write, special dinners to prepare, and endless decorating and baking to do, all in less than a month.

Some gifts are easy – trinkets, gift cards, and bottles of wine. But, when it comes to the super-special people in our lives, we’re hesitant to go the conventional route. We hate to go the spa path, or to thumb through big box home improvement ads to find the latest, greatest tool for our significant others, parents, and/or grown children…again. But, with so much to do and so little time, what else can one possibly do?

Answer? Be different. In a society filled with temporary everything – constant upgrades, new models, new technology, rapidly-changing trends – why not go with a forever gift, a novel spin on the modern culture of gift-giving?

The Art of Finding

So, how do you pinpoint that one thing that will do the trick? We asked the folks at Nest Fine Gifts & Interiors to give us a hand with this one. They’re known for collecting some of Wilmington’s most coveted smaller gift items, but they’re also known for exceptional interior design and design services which by default leads to an overflow of forever items you just can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s what the good people at Nest had to say about trying to find the perfect piece for the perfect person.

1 – Listen carefully.

Let’s face it, some (or much) of what loved ones say goes in one ear and out the other. Now’s the time start paying attention. Did your spouse mention that she would give anything for a bigger breakfast table? Or, that she’s tired of the current one that you’ve literally had since you said your vows?  Has your mom been talking for years about that piece she wishes she had, but just refuses to spend the money on? Listen closely, then be sure to write it down!

2 – Remember the little (big) things.

Sometimes forever items seem insignificant or frivolous in the grand scheme. A day at the spa is one thing, but the price tag on a forever item will likely be substantially higher.  Household items can’t help us make money, or fix things, or create anything. But, they do stand to manifest pleasure, joy, and years of memories. All of which are far more valuable than money or things.

3 – Think outside of the box.

Forever gifts don’t have to be functional. Art is a great example of something that people rarely buy for themselves, but stand to get infinite and daily pleasure from viewing.

The folks at Nest sent a few forever items to get the brainstorming started. Consider these and other ‘forever’ gifts that may add an extra spark to the big day this Christmas.

Pedestal base dining table can be customized in 11 different finishes.

Whichever desire you choose to fill, make it one that will last a while. Consider forever gifts this holiday season, to make a special loved one’s season that much brighter.

Head to Nest Fine Gifts & Interiors at 1125 Military Cutoff Rd. Or, shop online.

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