The Gift of Elegance – Adding Luxury

Because a little luxury goes a long way. 

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You and the loved ones you’re buying for, likely have everything one needs in a home. Bathtub and shower, check. Overhead lighting, check. Kitchen sink and functional faucet – check, and check.

Utility and functionality are obviously important in every home. But, so is the way your home makes you feel, which requires much more than a checklist. Adding hints of elegance and luxury can completely change the essence of a home – consider the customized whirlpool tub you’ve always wanted or the ornate chandelier above patio seating. Such elements can prove to add functionality and luxury and style, simply because these small touches can increase one’s desire to use the space.

So, what are some ways to add elegance to a bathroom, the lighting in a room, or a kitchen, simply and affordably?

1 – One Change Can Change Everything

Most of us can’t incorporate instant luxury into every aspect of our home, so we often take an all-or-nothing approach and give up altogether. But, the only way to get what you want is to start moving toward it. And, only you or the loved one you’re buying for knows the best place to start.

If you, or they, are avid bakers, an industrial style oven might be the dream addition. When the intention is to treat yourself or someone you love, a whirlpool tub might be the best investment. You can also consider optimizing your tub of choice by adding an aromatherapy, acoustic, or specialized heating element.

2 – Color and Texture

A sink can become a work of art when flanked by gorgeous tile or showcasing the simplicity of an apron front design.

A gold-colored kitchen faucet attached to a creamy pecan brown drop-in sink can make washing dishes quite a bit more elegant. And, an oven can be an integral design element in a kitchen when oven door panels don a pop of color.

Then, there’s the multi-colored magic that can totally change the feel of a white sterile bathroom – colorful light fixtures, sinks, and bathtub finishes.

Complete with a more ethereal accent, a chromatherapy tub takes luxury to another level with its mood-feeding and changing color therapy.

3 – A Little Light

Light affects everything. The amount, presentation and direction can make or break any mood, and all aspects are important to adding elegance to a room.

So, yes to starting slow in customizing your home, but an absolute yes to starting with lighting. The look of a light fixture is as important as the way it presents light. Both will equally affect the look and the feel of a room. Start the day off right by enhancing your bathroom vanity light. It will not only look more elegant, but you’ll feel more elegant, which could easily be a game-changer.

Home lighting is an uber-important element that deserves consideration. So, take your time to ensure that you choose wisely.

4 – Priorities – Consider Your Lifestyle

Be sure to consider your priorities and/or those you are buying for when making your selections. You may think for the sake of guests you should prioritize a new chandelier in the foyer or a hanging lantern on the screened porch where you’re always entertaining. But, what about that unsightly overhead globe in your bedroom? And, haven’t you (or the one you’re buying for – hint, hint) always dreamed of coming in from a long day, after tucking the kids in, and climbing into an aromatherapy massage tub with Nat King Cole or Aretha Franklin pouring from the built-in speakers. Prioritize the elements that will add the most to your quality of life. Make the spaces you really want to feel good in feel really good.

In the end, only you or the one you’re shopping for can decide how and where to add luxury and elegance to your living spaces. But, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Showrooms exist to give you a clear picture of what’s out there. And, the specialists that run the showrooms are there to guide you toward the best options that fit your needs. So, this holiday season, and always, consider giving yourself and others the ultimate gift by making home feel even better. 

Explore more options by visiting or with a knowledgeable product expert at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery at 1925 Dawson Street in Wilmington, NC.

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