ILM Newbies

What’s new in town? Bourbon-filled chocolates, rare wines, and atmosphere you’ll Uber downtown for; chic shirts, sailfish-print, and posh dresses; a build-your-own pie place; and a design shop that an entire shopping complex is named after.

Here’s a quick tour.

Let’s start (way) uptown. Sugarwood Interiors opened in January 2018, and is the newest member of the Porter’s Neck hood. Its owners, Jim and Janece Stone, on the other hand, have been around the block a bit (20 years worth).

Sugarwood Interiors is the anchor store for Sugarwood Center, a 12,000 ft. retail space. The sleek, barn-like facade has Sugarwood’s tagline written all over it: “relaxed. refined. organic. farmhouse.” And, when you pass through the barn doors and enter the shop, it’s apparent. They’ve nailed it.

Next, cruise over to Mayfaire’s newest edition, Southern Tide, on your way to lunch. Southern Tide is a one-stop yacht-life shop, and the new kid on Mayfaire’s last block. Head toward the movie theatre and take a left when you see the Regal sign. Then, think cobalt blue, super-stylish nautical wear, and on the corner. You can’t miss it.

You’ve now shopped yourself starving, so go have it your way at the Austin-based franchise, Your Pie, a new-to-Wilmington pizza joint on Oleander behind Moe’s Southwestern Grill. You get to do the fun part, they’ll do the rest. Super-cool light fixtures are toppings on the pie. 

Now, to drink wine or not to drink wine? That’s not really a question. Head downtown, because wine and chocolate are essential at the end of a day like this…and, every other day. Walk off your pie along the Riverwalk downtown, then slip into Mon Âme Chocolate and Wine Bar, (Mon Âme is pronounced “moan-om” and means “my soul”) 2nd Street’s latest addition. It’s an enchanting little spot near another little enchanting spot (a super-sweet garden shop) on 2nd St. between Market and Dock. Expect music in the courtyard, decadent, locally-made chocolates (by Andrew, the owner), exquisite wines, and serious ambience.




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