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Not every aspect of our lives can be luxurious, but there are certain areas where we really needn’t skimp.

Sponsored by Opulence of Southern Pines. 

Self-care has become the latest buzz word for obvious reasons. We’re all running at frantic paces; if not physically, mentally. Our lists have gotten exponentially longer, our social circles have expanded to thousands via the digital space, and we’re constantly plugged in or connected via one device or another.

But, there are a couple of things that haven’t changed. The average person still spends at least a third of their life sleeping. And, showers and baths are still as popular as they are necessary.

So, both have become obvious and common areas to focus our self-satisfaction efforts.

In considering the ultimate in luxury in both corresponding areas of the home, we consulted with the team at Opulence of Southern Pines.

The thought at Opulence is this: In the small window of down time we allow ourselves, why not take luxury to the level it deserves – one that withstands the text of time; luxury that lasts a lifetime?

So, we asked the Opulence team to give us three simple, and long-lasting ways we can add luxury to our lives this year. And, here’s what they had to say.

To discover luxury brands or items carried by Opulence, other than those listed below, feel free to visit their online store.

Must Have Dux

Luxury like Duxiana’s newest mattress line is almost surreal; and, trying to describe the pleasure it affords couldn’t possibly do it justice. But, what can be said is that after 90 years of research and development, and with a spring count that’s unmatched in the industry, Duxiana has pinpointed the cross section of luxury and comfort…that lasts forever. Engineered to relieve back pain, this high performance sleep system delivers heaven to the bedroom.

Sweet Dreams

‘Wrapping yourself in the finest Egyptian cotton fabric’ should be in the subscript of Merriam Webster’s  definition of luxury.

And, at Opulence, they do mean ‘the finest’. Sferra, one of their most extravagant bedding lines, is made in Italy from Giza 45 Egyptian cotton. Opulence is one of 16 retailers in the world to carry Sferra, and each set they sell is numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Opulent, indeed.

How you feel in those seconds before you close your eyes to sleep and in the minutes before opening them can make or break your day. And, your days are priceless. A lifetime of late night and early morning luxury offered by lines like Sferra, Celso De Lemos, or Matouk could change everything.

Abyss/Habidecor Towels and Rugs

Yes to decadent oils, scrubs and salts; and to the finest exfoliating brushes and scrubs. But, only if you plan to step onto and wrap up in deserving fabrics. Take your bath experience where it deserves to go. Invest in opulent choices by Abyss & Habidecor.

However you choose to lavish yourself with luxury this year, just choose to do it! Changing the way you feel can change everything.

Visit Opulence and Duxiana in Southern Pines’ historic downtown district, or at Cameron Village in Raleigh. 

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