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When not to DIY

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When most people hear the word interior designer, says Melanie Bowe of En Vie Interiors, they usually imagine someone in the top one percent of the population, coordinating home design fit for the pages of architectural digest.

“So, people turn to HGTV,” said Bowe.

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In this new DIY-world we live in, home owners (even those in the top one percent) set out to be the interior designer, in addition to everything else they’re now doing themselves. Eager DIY-ers scramble from shop to shop choosing hardware and furniture that doesn’t quite match, or, as it turns out, is a touch too big for the space. Then, they’re back to the drawing board. Again.

Even when they do get it right, it essentially becomes a full-time job. And, the focus on pinching pennies and finding the best deals on every detail can easily lead to wallpaper application mistakes, window treatment mishaps, or other unfortunate events.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Bowe said. “HGTV is a great resource for a lot of people and is useful for tackling certain projects. But, the simple truth is, no one can do everything well. That’s why we have experts.”

As a result of networks like HGTV and YouTube, as well as access to endless online DIY resources, Bowe fears that people have lost the concept of what an interior designer actually does.

Beyond new construction, or complete renovation, when would one dare to call an interior designer?

Photo compliments of En Vie Interiors.

Bowe enlightened us.

1 – Ask an Expert

A consultation is the easiest and most affordable way to accelerate the process of designing, redesigning, or redecorating your home.

“You just don’t know how helpful it’s going to be until you do it,” she said.

In one hour, selection time can be cut in half by reviewing product samples with the designer. When redecorating or designing a space, a consultation can allow you to see the optimum layout clearly and help you avoid months of hesitation by providing a reasonable plan of action. The overwhelming task of putting it all together suddenly becomes more streamline and methodical with tips and suggestions that only a designer could comprehensively deliver. 

2 – Paint Selection

With thousands of pantone colors on the market, this is the call Bowe gets most often.

“There are so many details that have to come together when designing a room, but color is definitely the foundation.”

Avoid hours in the paint store and days of consideration by consulting with an interior designer.

3 – BFF Consult

You love your best friend, but you might not totally love her or his taste or trust that they’d be brutally honest. That’s why Bowe offers the “Expert BFF Consult”.

If you’ve gone the DIY route, and you just need a little expert advice, Bowe can visit your home to deliver just that.

“People are often a little dumbfounded that after weeks of wondering what to do with a space, or whether or not something fits, we can spend an hour or so together and it’s all suddenly clear.”

4 – Room Rearranging

After browsing around the En Vie gallery in Uptown Market, you’re suddenly reminded that this is why you call an interior designer. It’s all kind of…perfect. Those pillows on that chaise; the sideboard, vase, and mirror combination you’d never think of, etc.

Regardless of the elements that need to come together in a particular room, an interior designer has the expertise to combine them in a way that provides optimal form and function.

Photo compliments of En Vie Interiors.

5 – Window Treatments

Bowe’s office is filled with swatches – various fabrics, colors, textures, and styles. And she, like most designers, could tell you everything there is to know about each of them.

“When you choose a product through a designer, you’re not just getting that product, you’re getting a guarantee, expertise, and customer service,” Bowe said.

With hundreds of variations in window treatment design, and the specifications involved in application, this is the perfect time to call a designer.


Home is where the heart is, says Bowe, so how it feels matters. A lot. If you’re considering a redesign, or want to spruce things up, don’t be afraid to make your life easier and your home feel exactly as you want it to. Call an interior designer!



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