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The Village at Mott’s Landing takes you out into your comfort zone.

Retired Floridians along the panhandle kind of have it down. Most live in one level homes with lanais that make going inside a last resort; and, the line between out and in as thin as a screen. Such is life with 75 degree December days. But, don’t jump on Zillow yet.

The Village at Mott’s Landing, a Retirement Smart (but, unrestricted) neighborhood, has introduced the Florida ideal to Wilmington. Bermuda too. The Village’s Floridian and Island Collections have convinced actual Floridians to settle on the NC coast just off River Road. So, we’d say they’ve nailed it.

Although temps do dip below 50 here on random December days, even in Wilmington the occasional 80 degree Christmas can make Santa want to take his beard off. Three to four months of a mild winter is about all we see here.

So, when Premier Homes at Mott’s Landing founder, Bob Weinbach, bought his own indoor/outdoor home in Naples several years ago, lightbulbs blazed. Why not in Wilmington? Curling up on an outdoor couch by the fire on a 50 degree evening in the dead of winter is every northerner’s dream. Who doesn’t want to live outdoors eight months out of the year?

Enter, the Bermuda, one of seven new Island Collection models, to be showcased at The Wilmington Parade of Homes in late April, early May.

This One (The Bermuda)

…is massive. Well, it is and it’s not. At 3,200 square feet, with around 2,600 square feet of livable space, we’ve all seen bigger. But, when you pass through the entryway, the home feels slightly endless. It’s the capacious open floor plan – living area, dining room and kitchen all seamlessly meshed in one giant space; the PGT glass door slider system (uber-popular in Florida); and the sprawling lanai that it opens up to.

We could go on for days about the interior detail – the designer closets, the intricacies, that master bathroom. Seriously, it’s its own design book. But, the lanai is the real kicker.

Live Out

A lanai might be the only room-style in Wilmington that truly warrants a fireplace…like, ever. And, when you have nearly 400 square feet of covered, screened space that spills into the outdoors, why not throw in a couple of outdoor cooktops with a stainless hood, a refrigerator, ice maker, sink, plenty of kitchen storage, and a big screen tv?

“You really don’t have to move out here,” says Landon Barker, Premier Homes’ customer care coordinator, head decorator, and Weinbach’s daughter.

“I grew up in this business. So, I’ve kind of been around since the beginning,” she says. “And, the Bermuda is truly one of my favorite models yet. This lanai – it’s just too much.”

The day is slightly crisp. It’s March in Wilmington, so its a freezing 60 degrees. A cozy blanket and a good book beckon out here…cocktails by the fire in the evening.

Most of us know that being outside makes you happier. It’s scientific fact. And, being here is bound to move the needle a bit higher.

One of the best things about out here is that it’s out. No rugs to soak up spills or fine fabrics to soil. It’s all glass, granite, tile, and durable outdoor furniture. You could honestly break out the garden hose (probably not recommended) for cleanup duty.   

The lanai’s finishing touches include uncommonly large 18×18 tiles and recessed can lighting, both of which add panache and elegance. The landscape beds just beyond the screen warm the space with deep green foliage soon to bloom with purple formosa azaleas and sweet-smelling gardenias.

Fittingly, Paradise Landscaping finalized this small bit of Floridian heaven with bright, fragrant, evergreen flare.

Catch the Bermuda on tour at The Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association 32nd Annual Parade of Homes April 28 & 29, and May 5 & 6.

*Sponsored by Premier Homes at Mott’s Landing.




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