Around the World and Back Again – Ethan Allen’s New Line

Ethan Allen’s Passport adds a welcome spin to tradition. 

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The problem with furniture shopping is that the average home owner is not an interior designer. And, while sales people on furniture store floors know their stuff, they don’t know your home. So, even with measurements, pictures, color schemes, and opinions in mind, furniture shoppers often return home with pieces that are too big, mismatched or just simply “off”.

Enter: Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen furniture is renowned for being pretty special. But, the shopping experience surpasses quality and craftsmanship. Ethan Allen is one of the few companies that offers a complimentary design service to all customers.

And, one of fewer that will customize furniture to suit the customer – with additional design elements that optimize pieces to fit your space. Each store has certified interior designers on staff that will consult with you both in your home and in the store to ensure that your investment is a good one.


Ethan Allen furniture isn’t temporary or disposable. It’s forever furniture. It’s that bed frame, sideboard, or coffee table that your family grows with, often through generations. Almost all Ethan Allen pieces are hand-crafted, using wood chosen specifically for each design. You won’t find plywood or particle board in anything stamped with the Ethan Allen name. Given its longevity, EA lines have tended toward the traditional.

But, with new styles and a evolving trends, comes new tradition…and, new furniture lines.

Introducing: Passport

Passport appeared on the scene just in time for a new generation of buyers. It’s warm and inviting, as livable as it is elegant, and pretty well-travelled. Global in design, Passport borrows elements from around the world. Both clean and curvaceous lines; and solid and exotic patterns characterize tables, chairs, couches, and bed frames.

“One of my favorite things about the Passport line is that most pieces can really fit into any style – coastal, traditional, French country, urban. Blending is the trend, so it just works,” said Cindi Tilley, manager of Ethan Allen’s Wilmington location. “They’re definitely conversation pieces, across the board really.”

Near and Far

Most items in the collection were inspired by a blend of global and historical styles. The Passport line draws on looks from the past and the present, and near and far – from India’s hand-knotted rugs to campaign-style dressers, from Ming Dynasty-inspired display cabinets to occasional tables that hint at pagodas, from woven rattan chairs designed in the rich tradition of British Colonial style to Otami-inspired artwork.

“We created Passport as a celebration of cultural influences from around the world. It’s designed to ‘wow’ while also being warm, authentic, and livable,” said Farooq Kathwari, President, Chairman and CEO, Ethan Allen Interiors Inc. “Our designers focused on every detail, bringing in exquisite textures, fabrics, and patterns. We hope it brings home the feeling of having been somewhere wonderful.”

Somewhere wonderful, indeed. Passport represents global sophistication at its finest.

More to See

Ethan Allen has been busy. Aside from the long-awaited Passport, EA released three lines last year that created quite a stir.

Buckhead, named for Atlanta’s hottest (and hippest) neighborhood, was the first. The line is a fresh take on traditional design that blends farmhouse and townhouse styles. European inspiration and Southern charm come together. 

Brooklyn, the second, is as one would expect – urban industrial coated with “fearless individuality” and “unconventional beauty”.

Santa Monica, the most recent of the three, represents the casual, laid back, coastal vibe of the California town it’s named for. Sun-washed and worry-free, Santa Monica is chilled and unfussy.


So, whatever look or style you’re going for, Ethan Allen is a great place to start. They’ve got the latest and greatest, and…they’ve got designers! Be sure to catch the clearance section for those easier-to-accommodate spaces.

Ethan Allen is located at 818 S. College Rd. in Wilmington, NC.

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