New Year Makeovers: Starting Small

January 3, 2018

The New Year makes most of us want to jump up off of our couches and make a change…often starting with the room right in front of us. 

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Let’s face it, complete renovations are costly, and not all of us get our million dollar new year wish. So, what’s the best way to dive into the shallow end of change in your home this year? Start with the places you spend the most time in, says Mark Schmidt, of Schmidt Custom Builders in Wilmington, NC; and, think “small projects, big impact”.

“Kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces are the three areas of the home we get the most calls about,” Schmidt said. “And, people are always shocked when we don’t recommend tearing it all out and starting all over. Sometimes small changes can change everything.”

There are lots of ways to create lasting impact in your favorite spaces without huge investments of time and money. Here are three that Schmidt recommends.

1 – Tear Down the Walls

Kitchens have been opening up for a while now. If yours is closed off from any room in the house, consider taking down those walls. Its’ a new year, after all. Open concept is the latest, greatest trend for a really good reason. It stands to open up a lot more than the room.

2 – Focus on the Light

Walk into most homes, and you’ll likely see the same light fixtures in every bathroom. New fixtures can make more of a statement than just about any other bathroom accessory. You can get as fancy or as eclectic as you’d like for a lot less than a complete bathroom renovation.

“We’ve worked with homeowners who chose to make one big statement with light fixtures in their master or guest bathrooms using either chandeliers or bold, sculptured pieces with artistic flair. And then, we’ve worked with others that do nothing but add simple yet eclectic pendant lighting that serves as the perfect accent to a strong statement piece like heavily-designed wallpaper.”

Whichever direction you choose to go with fixtures, reframing light can reframe the room…and, the way you feel in it.

3 – Inject a Little Color

One of the most affordable ways to make a change in your home is to paint it. We all know that color changes everything. Do a bit of research before diving in, though, to make sure it gives you the change you’re looking for.

While paint shop employees know their paint, a builder will likely be more adept at helping you choose the right color combinations for your home.

However you decide to proceed with your 2018 home makeover, Schmidt says, give your  builder a call before you start planning.  If anyone knows how to create optimal impact and the vibe you’re going for through spatial design, they do.

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