Nothing Bundt Perfection

The cake that will make you everyone’s favorite. 

Sponsored by Nothing Bundt Cakes. 

There are some things that just can’t be explained – the way children feel on Christmas morning; visiting another country for the first time; biting into a Nothing Bundt Cake.

There’s something indescribable about experiencing Nothing Bundt Cakes for the first time…says everyone who has ever had a bite of one.

Moist is an understatement, decadent too, and saying it’s delicious is like calling a bride cute. Words just don’t do it justice.

This was Cat Marinich’s experience as well.

She and her husband, Greg knew they wanted to open a business together after Greg retired from the military last year, but they had no intention opening a franchise. When they arrived in Wilmington after 27 years of living in different countries across the globe, they began researching their options.

The Marinich family on their last day in Zermatt, Switzerland before flying back “home” to Wilmington.

“We heard about Nothing Bundt Cakes through a friend, and she just went on and on about how great it was. So, we decided to investigate,” Marinich said. A trip to their headquarters, and a few bites was all it took.

“It’s been six months,” Marinich said. “And, we’re busier than we ever dreamed.” So busy that the Marinich’s sons, Jack and Nicholas have jumped on board.

When you walk into Nothing Bundt Cakes on Military Cutoff Rd. in Wilmington, you feel like you’ve walked into a party. Everybody’s smiling, it smells like heaven, and you’re treated more like a guest than a customer.

Then, there are the samples.

“I wish I could record the look on people’s faces when they bite into the cake for the first time,” Marinich said, with a full on belly laugh. “And, the noises they make! Sometimes, it’s just too much.”

Ugly Sweater Bundtlets…the perfect Christmas party contribution.

So, we asked Cat, what is it that makes these cakes so ridiculously good?

Obviously, she couldn’t tell us. But, what she did tell us was that everything in every cake is real – real butter, real sugar, natural colors, natural flavors.

So, no writing on the cakes, but they do have hand-crafted designs that you can add to just about any cake or bundtlet.

“Everyone loves to gift our cakes and stackable bundtlets,” Marinich said. “But, we’ve got so many actual gifts, as well! So, if you’re on your way to a party, this is the only place you’ll have to stop.”

And, it’s kind of the only place you’ll be able to stop. Because you honestly won’t want to leave.



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