Once a Tar Heel…

Local real estate agent, Vance Young, takes fandom to the next level.

Sponsored by The Vance Young Intracoastal Realty Team. 


Vance Young is known as the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. But, if he happens to be wearing Carolina blue in spring or fall, no one can be sure.

Born and raised in Wilson, NC, Young had his heart set on UNC Chapel Hill early on. And, by the time he graduated in 1985, his blood was as Carolina blue as it gets.

“It all just came together there (UNC Chapel Hill) somehow. There’s this synergy between academics and athletics. The energy put into the athletics program and the success around it makes for a great environment for both.”

Vance Young, alongside one of his treasured icons.

In other words, the Tar Heels being pretty famously awesome is a morale booster in every way.

Young is almost as big a fan of Tar Heels football as he is of NCAA basketball.

And, he makes a point to surround himself with both. Having made quite a name for himself as a realtor since his arrival in Wilmington in 1988, Young recently listed former Tar Heels football coach, John Bunting’s house in Hampstead.

He recently met Roy Williams, yes, Roy Williams, and was there in the stands last year when Williams’s team claimed their third title in a row at the NCAA finals in Phoenix.

And, he’s been a Tar Heels football season ticket holder for years.

So, what of the arch nemesis, in a city (and state) where there’s a pretty decent mix on either side of the fence?

Young takes Duke fans in stride, he says. Gus Franklin, a realtor on Young’s Intracoastal Realty team, is a tried and true Blue Devils fan.

“We manage to have a lot of fun with it,” he says. “We’re able to keep it clean…for the most part.”

Franklin’s wife happens to share Young’s Tar Heels fan status.

“I’m just glad I’m not in her boat,” he said, with a chuckle. “Working with a Duke fan is one thing, living with them is a whole other thing altogether!”

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