The Cookie Campaign

Schumacher Homes gives a bite or two of gratitude to the community-builders behind the scenes.

*Guest Post* submitted by Schumacher Homes

Schumacher Homes aspires to build more than homes — we want to build community. Communities that nurture, protect and care for our children and families are vital. It is in the very nature of our work we tend to see families, households and homes flourish. At Schumacher, we love this idea and wanted to be a part of positive community-building. So, we started our Community Champions program a few years back with the hopes we could begin to acknowledge and give a multitude of thanks to those who sacrifice in their prospective fields. We are proud and excited to continue extending savings to our hometown heroes.  As a way of saying thank you to those who keep us safe and inspired, Schumacher Homes offers a discount to firefighters, teachers, nurses and members of the police or military.

This year we piggy-backed off our Community Champions program and chose to get even more local.   The Cookie Campaign began as way to extend our gratitude to those in service at local fire, police and school systems.

We have had a wonderful time meeting new friends and getting a chance to say thank you up close and personal. All of our 21 locations across the United States from Akron, Ohio down to Baton Rouge LA take a moment to drop off the cookies once a month to these local heroes. The experience, the interaction, as well as the face-to-face exchange of Thank Yous, is priceless for our team. It inspires us to continue to help “build” the best for our customers. We are proud to be a part of the community and to give back.

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