The Perfect Treatment

When choosing window treatments for your home, you know that your choices could make all the difference, for better or worse. So, where do you start?

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Window treatments could change everything in your home, which is precisely why choosing them can be slightly intimidating.

Here are a couple of common scenarios that tend to create overwhelm:

1 – Those blinds look amazing in your friend’s living room, but would they look right in yours? And yes, she literally said “take out a second mortgage” when chatting about new year renovations.

2 – Your neighbor’s shutters are perfect for their French Revival home, but you’re in a Cape Cod. And,you’re honestly not sure whether or not that matters.

3 – You dive into the abyss of options on the internet – the perfect place to start every search. Right? Not necessarily.

The best first step? Talk to a specialist in person, and see what’s out there by heading to a showroom near you. But, before you go…

Know What You Need

Are you only looking for privacy? Is light, or lack thereof an issue your window coverings should solve? Are your thinking fabric shades, or slatted blinds? Do you really need shutters on all the windows? Are you looking for colors or tints? Make a list of every purpose your window coverings and treatments will serve so you can walk into the showroom feeling prepared and efficient.

Consider the Investment

1 – This may be a decision you have to live with long-term. Is this purchase for a “keeper home”? Do you anticipate moving in the near future? Budget your time spent at the showroom, and your money, accordingly.

2 – Well-placed window treatments stand to increase the re-sale value of your home.

3 – The interior design choices in a room can affect the way one feels in it.

Set Your Budget

Now, the big question: How much do you want to spend? Write down: a) how much you’d like to spend; and b) the most you’re willing to spend. Then, be sure to have it with you when talking with design consultants at the showroom.

Now, your ready to talk to the experts. Before heading to the showroom visit Hunter Douglas to review design options, and to get a few ideas. It’s helpful to have a few photos of your home on hand, as well as photos or screenshots of treatments you like.

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