Dressing for Winter: Three Dos and Don’ts

December 4, 2018

Spice up your Wilmington winter wardrobe. 

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Meadowlark Shop owner and veritable fashion-genius, Kendall Hurt, gave us some tips on bootstrapping and supplementing your Wilmington Winter wardrobe to step things up a notch this holiday season.

Definitely Do

1 – Do follow the color and texture trend. You may have heard that red and shades of green are kind of in right now; along with any fabric or accessory that you can’t help but touch. Love feathers, bling, and velvet, but never have an occasion to wear it? Now’s the time to break it out. So, throw it in the cart, get it out of the attic, and prepare to have a whole lot of fun with it.

2 – Do combine the rarely combined. Mix up your style a bit by throwing in a little contrast. Choose items that stand out; like a light-hearted washed out denim jacket, with a strappy, sequined dress; or a chunky sweater paired with a black satin skirt.

3 – Do buy the dress. If you find a fabulous dress that you love and it fits well…don’t use the tired “I don’t have anywhere to wear it” excuse. We can all find an occasion, or three, that fits the perfect dress. Finding the right dress is the hard part. So, now you’ll be prepared. Not to mention, you deserve all the pretty dresses.

Oh, No You Don’t

1 – Don’t wait for cold weather to shop for cold weather. Let’s face it, it takes a while for cold to come to Wilmington. And, being late to the game means less selection and fewer size options.

2 – Don’t get stuck on skinny-pants. Think outside of the skinny-legs box. Wide legs are back and fabulous. Take the plunge and buy a pair. You’ll fall in love…and breathe again.

3Don’t forget the accessories. But before grabbing your go-tos, be sure to think through the form of the outfit. Which pieces need to be filled in, or not? How big should each piece be? What tone or color should you use? Accessories can transform your  look. Wearable art should always be considered when party goals include a bold and eccentric presentation.

*Scarves are always in fashion. Try the new trend in neck scarves right now: square and skinny. Meadowlark has a nice selection by Echo.

*Hide handbags. Meadowlark carries an ethically-sourced, chic line that comes with both wristlet and cross-body strap options.

Bonus Material: Three Wilmington Winter Staples

1 – Layers

Always have a lightweight jacket in tow for layering. Denim, suede, leather, and leather alternatives are all ideal for Wilmington winters. Meadowlark has a few beautiful pieces, like the perforated suede sleeveless jacket.

2 – Cashmere?

Yes! Nothing takes the chill off, or adds that certain je ne sais quoi like cashmere. And, giving it as a gift has “I love you” written all over it. Check out Meadowlark’s Cashmere line, starting at $138.

3 – Comfy sneakers.

Not your mama’s sneakers. The new generation of sneakers is super-hot and so much fun. Slip ons, lace ups, skinny souls, and thick soles matched worn with jeans, dresses, skirts, and anything else. Sassy, hip, cute and they take care of your feet.

Make it easy to keep it simple by shopping at Meadowlark’s online store.

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