By the Light of a Blue Moon

We at Salt love nothing better than great local art. At Eclipse Artisan Boutique, we recently found a bounty of beautiful things — something for every taste

Photographs by Andrew Sherman

Melanie Heinrich

Wooden hummingbird feeders and birdhouses

“These birdhouses are milled on a lathe using exotic woods from around the world as well as wood found right in our backyard. The tops are made out of wood, glass, metal, even sea shells. Hang the birdhouse under an eave to protect it and watch the hatchlings as they emerge to the world.”

Shayne Greco  Ceramic lobster platter

“The goal of my work is to be beautiful. There is no concept other than simplistic elegance. If your eyes flow easily throughout my vessels then I have succeeded.”

Mike Demonte  Le Soleil Royale 1669 —  Wooden ship model

“At the age of 14, I went to work on the fishing boats in Italy, where I was born in 1949. I always wanted to be at sea. I wanted to be the captain of a ship. Since I emigrated to the United States (at the urging of my parents) in 1969, I had to forgo my dreams…If I could not become captain of a ship, I would build one. I have always liked ancient galleon ships, thus my interest in building them.”

Arthur Ard

Four cage hanging chandelier

Doug Campbell

Circles of Life — Stainless-steel sculpture

Cathy Johnson  Moorish Idol

Carved fish sculpture made of tupelo wood

“I have always been intrigued with wildlife and nature. My approach to wood sculpting is to recreate the image as accurately and in the greatest detail as I possibly can. I especially pay attention to texture and color. Without these you can’t get a true likeness of the real subject. I start each new piece with an idea and a blank chunk of tupelo or walnut wood, which I carve using my power tools. No two pieces of wood are alike, so no sculptures ever turn out identical.”

Rosie and Dave Burr

This tiled surfboard also functions as an outdoor shower.

All pieces are available at Eclipse Artisan Boutique, 203 Racine Drive, Wilmington.
For more information: (910) 799-9883 or 

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