Gallery: Hank Carter

Hank Carter

Hank Carter became interested in photography from a very early age, when his mother, an artist, encouraged him and his sister in their creative pursuits. “And I was lucky enough to grow up on Harbor Island, so I spent my days fishing, surfing and exploring the area,” he says. In 2015 he purchased a drone to take out fishing, and soon it took him in a direction he never expected: “I did not know anyone around who had one, and drone photography had just started showing up on social media. I had to teach myself how to fly and how to take pictures. It has been a great experience.”

After graduating from UNCW, Carter went to work on the water. He is now a chief mate on an ATB (articulated tug and barge) on the West Coast, and has an alternating three-week schedule so is able to come home often to see his wife, Britt, and their 2-year-old son, Hank, who share his love for the water. And his drone goes wherever he does: “I carry it with me anytime I travel, fish, or just sitting on the beach. It’s a great way to share the place I love from a new perspective.”

“Tourquoise Water”

“White Water”

“Sunrise Shadows”

“Jetty Texture”

“Umbrella July”

“Spinnakers Out!”

“September Shadows”


“Dolphin Daycare”

“Parking Lot”

“Inlet Fall”

“Banks Cruise”

“Banks Sunset”

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