Mole Talk

By Clyde Edgerton Moby and Medley are moles, sitting at a table in the Sandbucks Coffee Shop, where they meet once a week to talk about life underneath and around the Yardley home. They hear a [...]

Bull Session

The life of a Taurus is always intense By Astrid Stellanova Queen Elizabeth and Ted Kaczynski. Willie Nelson and Billy Joel. Karl Marx and Malcom X. Tina Fey and Adele. Cher and Bono (U2 front [...]


Upscale Resale Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity hosts its fourth annual UpScale ReSale & Design Challenge. Twenty-two local designers will use the resources of the Habitat’s ReStore to furnish [...]

May Poem

The Arborist The arborist: “This tree is nearly eighty years old, and bound to fail. Put in when folks developed Rosemont Street — all up and down the yards the same — the maples, oaks, and firs. [...]

In Bloom

Pollinate your taste buds with elderflower syrup By Tony Cross The first time I sipped from a cocktail with elderflower liqueur in it, I think I said something to the tune of, “What the hell is [...]

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